In this ever-changing world, the left needs something more than to regroup. We are a democratic member-led organization that was recently founded when left groups, initiatives and political organization of the Left, seeking to overturn the low spirit and defeatism currently dominating the Greek left, came together to form Anametrisi (=Confrontation)

We feel a sense of urgency, and therefore we need to come up with new ways to bring together the left that is now fragmented. A left committed to challenging the “lesser evil” logic and positively disrupting Greek politics. In Anametrisi, we seek to try new ways of organization to translate grassroots initiatives into local, national, and international political action.

We decided to begin this journey a few months ago, but we have only started. Our work aims to put social mobilization and social movements at the center of politics as we strongly believe this is the way to put the people at the helm of history. We are now formulating a unifying anti-capitalist strategy to face the great challenges of our time.

The Left we envision is:

  • Anticapitalist and class-oriented. We defend job positions, wages and social welfare,we fight for more leisure time and call for democratic and social control of production.
  • Feminist and LGBTQIA+. We do not consider the struggle against patriarchy a “secondary contradiction”, but a necessary counterpart of the struggle for emancipation and liberation.
  • Anti-imperialist and internationalist. We consider imperialism a constant threat to democracy and peace worldwide and stand on the side of all the people.
  • Environmentalist and subversive. We take the eco-social dimension as a structural and central element of our critical analysis and practice against capitalist development.
  • Unifying. We deeply understand the need for a democratic grassroots process that can resynthesise the Left, where every leftist political subject can equally participate, rather than only pre-existent political groups.


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